"You and I will tell each other a story about all of us"
Vietnamese proverb


My parents were refugees from the Vietnam War.
My father was a fisherman turned soldier. My mother was a schoolgirl turned survivor. 
They came here with nothing and started new lives - passing down what they could about Vietnam to us.

They especially loved telling stories. 

I think it rubbed off on me. 

Interview with the Asia Society - Texas


"David Huynh...helped make this refugee story a bracing must-see at Mixed Blood."
Star Tribune, VIETGONE, Top 10 Best Ensembles of the Decade

"A powerful performance...heartfelt passion and dedication to justice that rivets the audience to their seats."

"With his gleaming shaved head and coiled physique, the sharp David Huynh emerges in the second part as York’s son Richard — renamed the Duke of Gloucester — the disabled malcontent who will murder his way to power."
The Village Voice, HENRY VI

"The later Richard III is among David Huynh’s numerous parts and having a hump on his back and suggesting a withered arm combined with his sensual forcefulness makes it a grand turn."

TheatreScene.net, HENRY VI


"Huynh brings a pilot’s bravado to Quang. As the aged dad at play’s end, he subverts our expectations with an emotional speech excoriating the Viet Cong and thanking Americans who fought next to him. He leaves us moved and conflicted."

Star Tribune, VIETGONE


"Prince Hal is portrayed by David Huynh, whose good looks and lithe physique fit the heroic mold, and whose quicksilver acting marks him as an actor of the first order." 

Houston Press, HENRY IV I

"Huynh brings swagger, heartbreak, and abs to his role as the playwright’s pilot father."

Minnesota Playlist, VIETGONE


"David Huynh plays John Wisehammer, convict and would-be playwright, finding his inner strength, and an intellectual confidence, and demonstrating that a minor role can stand out with honest authenticity."

             Houston Chronicle, OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD